I found this article talking about the top ten things they don’t teach you in design school. The article hits a lot of good points that I feel would have been important for them to teach. Most of them are just learned though experience but still they could have mentioned them. This article is kind of funny but so much of it is true at the sametime.

10. The rest of the world counts.
If you hope to accomplish anything, you will inevitably need all of the people you hated in high school. I once attended a very prestigious design school where the idea was “If you are here, you are so important, the rest of the world doesn’t count.” Not a single person from that school that I know of has ever been really successful outside of school. In fact, most are the kind of mid-level management drones and hacks they so despised as students. A suit does not make you a genius. No matter how good your design is, somebody has to construct or manufacture it. Somebody has to insure it. Somebody has to buy it. Respect those people. You need them. Big time.

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This on hits home. It’s funny how sometime you think that you don’t need anyone and that your better then anyone else. Then you realize that we all have something to offer. I hope realize this before is when you find yourself lacking and someone else, you thought to be below you, takes the lead.

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    see how much you hate me? i’ve helped you in your famousness!

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