My good friends Jen and Lisa gave me Gummy Bacon! I have know idea were they found it but I am so glad they did.

It looks just like a real package of bacon, only smaller.

Even the back looks convincing. So much so that I might try frying this up in a pan.

Oh wait! Look like I better not try that.

You better not eye up my bacon!

If I can ever find another pack of this stuff I might have to give it a try. I am keeping this package in mint condition.

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One Response to Gummy Bacon

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you get rich off of Mr. Baconpants, you will be hearing from my legal team. I will be asking for 30% royalties on all earnings + recognition. And to think your fame and glory all started over two pieces of bacon that were molded together just right atop my salad in some out-of-the way steakhouse in the slums of Orlando.

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