by Woody Allen

After reading a few other reviews about this movie, I found that people either loved it or just thought it was so so. This by today’s standards says it’s a great movie. With the lack of good movies coming out, even Woody Allen can do something right.

It seems that Hollywood keeps pumping out the crap and when something comes out that’s not; people seem to pick it apart. I guess it’s because they can’t fathom Hollywood doing something somewhat decent.

To set the record straight I was one of the people that thought this movies was awesome. I did’t care that the plot was from another story (Crime and Punishment), or how at times it was predictable; I still thought it was a good movie. It would be hard for a director to find an original story anyways. If you want to get critical, every modern fictional story writen is a rip off of something that has been told before.

Not every movie needs to be an epic like, “Lord of the Rings”. Sometimes it’s just nice to watch a good drama that doesn’t have a story book ending. I would recommend this movie to anyone that is not overly critical.

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