Talk about procrastinating. Why didn’t I post this sooner? Well I guess that’s what happens when your not home that often and to tired when you are home to get online.

What I have been meaning to say on here is that my trip to Phoenix was great! I have a few pictures in the gallery and Emily came down too. You can see what she said about the trip on her own blog.

On the last night that Emily was there with me we decided to find the hot club in the area. It wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be, because once we stepped out of the hotel we noticed that everyone was heading in the same direction. So we fallowed.

What we found was that everyone was going to this place called the Sky Lounge. We walk to the door and they told us it was $10 to get in. We almost walked away but something told me this place was worth it. So we paid and walked in.

There was Salsa Dancing as soon at you walked in. So you had to walk throw the dance floor to get to the bar. The drinks were kind of pricey but they didn’t skimp with the liquor in the mixed drinks. We found a booth so we could drink and watch dancing.

After awhile we got brave and started to explore the place. We found some stairs and walked up. As soon as we go halfway up, there was a music change. It went from salsa to pop dance. As we got the top of the steps the DJ yells Spanish gibberish. And I quickly realize that the music was popular songs but with Spanish lyrics.

We quickly find a nice wall to hold up and take in the crowd. It seemed that I was the only Tall Blond male in the room. Spotting a flyer on the bar we see that its Latino night. Which explained that music and the crowd.

Even after figuring that out we still felt welcomed and we had a great night of dancing and drinking. It was a nice taste of something different. To watching salsa dancing and bumping and grinding to Spanish dance music, I never knew a club could be this exciting. The Pittsburgh club scene has a lot to learn.

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