Well I had a great weekend, even though noting was really planed out. I did see the new Tim Burton movie and it wasn?t that bad. Even more exciting is that the Corpse Bride is coming out next month. There was a trailer for it before the movie.

I did stop by Ikea and picked up some really cheap picture frames. Which was great I?m really getting tired of looking a bare wall in my room.

As for the weekdays, I was busy getting my wisdom teeth taken out. It wasn?t that bad and I?m not in any pain at all. It does suck not being able to eat food very well, I find that your front teeth are not the best for chewing. The food just falls right out. So lets just say I?m not going to be eating in public anytime soon.

I guess tonight I?m might be going to 80?s night at the Upstage. But that still up in the air. And for this weekend, I might stop by Adam and Tim?s party so it should be fun.

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