Last week I finished reading Haunted, by Chuck Palahniuk. It was one of those books I just had to get. Not just because he?s my favorite author, but also because the book got a lot of press about being over the top and disturbing to read. They said people were fainting and vomiting during readings of it at bookstores.


Well after just reading the first story you understand why people reacted the way they did. I had a lot of trouble myself getting through a few of the stories. But it?s strange, no matter how disturbing the subject was Chuck still manages to make me laugh. And it?s a great feeling too, the feeling total discus and helpless laughter at the same time.

I?m not going to recommend this book to everyone, because some of the stories are really triple X rated. Not because of sex, because the stories force you to think about things you really don?t want to think about. This one is not for the closed minded concretive.

The details in this book are amazing. You?re just going to have to read it and see what the hype is all about. Reading this book is like driving by a car accident and seeing the bodies and blood. Once you see it, your not going to forget it no matter how much you want to. This book stays with you for a while, and that?s a good thing.

If you?re a Chuck fan, read this book, because if you not a psycho stalking fan now, you will be after this one.

I gave it tequila.jpgtequila.jpgtequila.jpgtequila.jpgtequila.jpg out of 5 tequilas!

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