Well the weekend is here and I honestly don?t know what I?m going to get in to. But I?m not worried about it. Sometime they?re the best weekends. You know the ones were you have nothing planed, so everyday is a surprise. Its great not have to plan out you days.

Don?t get me wrong. There are the times were it?s the opposite and you just find yourself sitting home bored all weekend. So to make sure that doesn?t happen, I?m going to make a list of backup plans.

Let see what I could get in to:

1. A new Tim Burton movie is out, but I?m not hearing good things about it.
2. Ikea, I?m looking for some picture frames.
3. Wars of the Worlds, even though I hate Tom Cruse I still feel I need to see this movie.
4. Mocha, this is a given. I drink as often as I can afford.
5. Just hanging with Emily, always a good time.

Well I will just wait and see what happens this weekend. I have a feeling its going to be fun!

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