At work I always mention how I eat a lot of Ramen Noodles for dinner, in hopes that someone will bring in leftovers for me to eat. It never works but hey it?s worth a shot.
I don?t have a lot of money so my dinning choices are limited.

I eat a lot of Ramen because it?s cheap but it can get kind of boring. Sometimes I even choose not to eat. Just so I don?t have to shovel another spoon for of the nasty noodles in my mouth.

Well thank God for work friends! I guess they felt sorry for what I had to eat and look for help. What they found was the greatest website in the Raman eating community, The Official Ramen Homepage!

They have 273 different recipes for Ramen. Its great I should never get boring eating again. Thank you Ramen and the Official Ramen Homepage for making my life better one spoon full of goodness at a time.

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