When I moved in to the new house I couldn’t find the pots and pans to cook food. But what I did find, was an electric Wok my Mom got me for Christmas. I never used it before but since it was the only thing I could find to cook with, I cracked open the box. I came with everything! Chop Sticks, a wooden spoon thing and even a lid. Way to go Mom!

form Toastmaster

Cooking with this thing was amazing. It heated up fast and evenly and nothing stuck to it. My only complaint was that finding low cooking temperature was hard. But that?s not to bad you just had to keep an eye on your food so it wouldn?t burn. Stir-Frying is my favorite way to cook. Thank you mom and Toastmaster.

I gave it tequila.jpgtequila.jpgtequila.jpgtequila.jpg out of 5 tequilas!

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