Well this weekend is going to be a busy one and it?s starting early.

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Tonight I?m going to the Southside with Emily, then stopping by 80?s night at the Upstage. After that Emily is going to need help delivering papers for the Pittsburgh Post. So I?m going to give her a hand then crash at her place.

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Friday I have off of work so were going to spend the day together. Then head over to the Community Days in her area. So it should be a fun day.

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Saturday I might stop down to the Southside again a see what I can get in to down there. Or I might just stay in and relaxes. I?m not sure yet.

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As for Sunday things are still in the air so I guess your going to have to wait and see.

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Well that?s about it. I?ll be back Monday with the first installment of the Mr. Baconpants advice column.

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