One of the perks of not having any money is that you start thinking. Thinking of that big idea that is going to have you rolling in the money in no time at all. The sad thing about these ideas is that they never pan out. You always end up realizing that you need to have money to make money or you just get to depressed unmotivated to do anything.

Well here are a few of my ideas:

1. Become a street vendor, selling hotdogs and stuff.
2. Start a music venue.
3. Right a best selling book.
4. Start an eBay scam.
5. Put an ad in the paper asking people to send you $1.
6. Become a Bounty hunter.
7. Invent a hot new fitness machine or diet.
8. Be a bookie.
9. Run an Adult website.
10. Trade in some of those old games and DVDs you have in you closet.

Let me know if you have any good ideas to get rich quick.

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