Life just fucking SUCKS sometimes. I just fix my car, just to have it brake again. What the hell! I just love wasting my money like that. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside? with anger!

See what happened was I hit a pothole and bent the rim (wheel). I know I should avoid them but I just have trouble seeing at night. So I just never see them.

Well then I go to a junkyard to find a wheel that cost me $129. I finally get it and put it on my car. Then a week later hit another pothole bending the rim I just put on.

What the hell, why dose life need to be like this. It just not fair! Every time I get ahead, something just pushed me back down! So now I sit here hungry as hell with no money to get my car fixed or eat.

Don?t worry I always manage to get throw shit like this just fine. I just have to suffer first!

Well on a positive note the band is going to have its new CD out soon. I bet you all can?t wait. It sounds so good; sometimes I can?t believe it?s us playing. Were going to have a shit load of shows coming up, make sure you come to at least one, and bring me something to eat, thanks!

Love you all!

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