I was looking around the house for food that I got a while ago but never ate. Usually anything that takes more then 2 minuets to cook I never get around to eating. I?m just lazy and never want to stand there to cook it or I just never have the time to. Well when you?re starving things change. So I went on the hunt for food. To my surprise I fond 2 boxes to Hamburger Helper. Hot damn!

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I just want to take a few minuets out of my lunch break at work to tell the World just how thankful I am to Betty Crocker. Hamburger Helper is by far the tastiest way to eat ground meat, well besides tacos and grilled hamburgers. It turns any bachelor into a master chef!

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I gave it tequila.jpgtequila.jpgtequila.jpgtequila.jpg out of 5 tequilas!

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