Yesterday when I was going to work and I stoped at a gas station to put air in my passenger side tire. It was almost flat, I need to get the damn thing fixed. The gas station is in a shopping plaza so when I was leaving I cut throw the parking lot so I could by pass a light.

I got to the point were I had to make a left hand turn to get on a side street that lead back to the main road. Usually this would have bin an easy task but there was a giant SUV with black tinted windows blocking my view to what was coming from the left.

So I carefully started to inch my way out. It looked like the cost was clear so I applied the gas and started to make my turn. Then at the last minuet an unmarked cop car comes out of know were and I pulled out in front of him. We both slam on the brakes. Then I continued to pull out since he didn?t start to move again and I gave him the, ?I?m sorry? wave.

I guess that was not enough he turned his car around and fallowed me onto the main road and then pulled me over a few feet later. As soon as he get to my car he starts yelling about how I didn?t even stop and just kept going blah, blah, blah. I told him again I was sorry and explained how I couldn?t see him till the last minuet.

Well he was not hearing any of it and asks for my license. He went to his car and when he returned still yelling by the way he told me that He would mail me a ticket for $105 and 3 points for careless driving.

Abuse of power! There was no reason to give me a ticket for that. It happens all the time and people just get over it they don?t give people tickets. WHAT AN ASSHOLE!

Oh and don?t worry I?m going to fight it.

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