Well it looks like I broke my New Years resolution. I haven?t posted in this thing is a long time. Laziness sucks.

My roommates and I have started a strange hobby. We go out every Saturday and buy a game made before we were born at our local goodwill store. It?s has surprisingly bin a lot of fun.


The first game we found was, ?10-Four Good Buddy?, a game were you?re a trucker trying to make it around the board first. What make the game so hard are all the Smokies and Bears in the Air flying around. If you don?t know what they are, then you not a real trucker and should not play this game! We are working on a full feature about this game for shinyfire.com so I don?t want to spoil anymore.

EDIT Here is a link to that feature!

That about is for today, maybe I will post so more stuff tomorrow.

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