I know you may think I?m a nerd but I check CNN.com everyday at work during my lunch break. Not to read up on what?s happening in the world, but to see what horrible pictures they have of Bush up today.

You would think that a large news media hub like CNN must have 1000s of pictures to choose from, but they always seem to pick the worst ones, just look at todays.

this photo is from cnn.com

Don?t get be wrong I am no big fan of Bush, but that?s no reason to put up a picture like that for the world to see. It looks like he?s getting ready to kiss a wild hyena or just got done playing with a vacuum cleaner. Maybe that woman hit it him the face with her large purse. I don?t know but there had to be a better picture to use. Speaking of that woman, what?s with her Martha Stewart looking head slant smile thing? I don?t like her already!

CNN get some better photojournalism, please.

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