Lot has bin going on. I know I don’t post in this thing that much. It hard to find the time and I suck at typing.

Jules and I are still doing great. She is going throw a really rough time in her life right now and I’m glad I can be there for her. Her family is so great I love them all.

The band is recording our second CD. Were almost done but we hit a few snags and it should be out before Christmas. So I know you’re all happy to hear that, because everyone on your Christmas list should get one. We have a few shows coming up, check www.gotriggergo.com for details.

Works is going really well. It s getting a bit stressing because of the convention that’s coming up, but I know I will do fine. Also my 6th month review is coming up too.

Well that’s about it, I’m getting sleepy now. I’m going to try and post in this thing a little more often, but you know how that goes. I say I’m going to try but then never do.

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